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Fully Licensed and Insured Moving Company MDPU#31125. DOT#1266989. MC#495073.


Carmel Movers is one of the highly recommended and respected movers in Massachusetts

Carmel Movers is a Massachusetts moving company providing moving and storage services to consumers and businesses. With over 10 years of experience, we are committed to making each move a success. Helping a family or a business relocate is a big responsibility, requiring a team effort of continuous quality improvement, knowledge, efficiency, experience and a caring attitude. Carmel Movers takes this responsibility very seriously, skillfully handling every step of the moving process to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Referral 65% 65%
  • Repeat Customer 40% 40%
  • Our Customers 100% 100%
  • Others 5% 5%

Why Choose Carmel Movers

Carmel Movers can move you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, even at night, over the weekend or on a holiday.
Whether you are moving only one item or an entire household, we have the experience, equipment, professional movers, and support to handle all of your moving needs.
Our professionals movers are trained, qualified, and capable of performing any move, under any circumstances. If your move requires special handling, we will let you know in advance. Our team will follow your move from the moment you first contact us for an estimate to the moment the move is completed to your satisfaction.

Support is given through an organized forum

Our team of professionals movers is courteous, trained, and capable of handling all your moving needs. They have the expertise to handle all circumstances, from the most delicate items to the most challenging pieces of furniture. They have the common sense and knowledge to go with their expertise.

Carmel Movers will continue to grow and expand, combining staff of professionals movers, a large and most advanced fleet of trucks, and a wide range of special services to complete a total Moving services

In short, we are dedicated to providing the best moving services in Massachusetts. Our promise for the future is that Carmel Movers will be the best professional mover in the world, in the eyes of our most demanding critics- our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

At Carmel Movers, satisfaction is the key to our success. We staff our headquarters with the most qualified personnel available in the household goods moving industry. Because of this experience, we have the ability to promptly resolve problems that may occur. Carmel Movers system is compromised of skilled professionals providing excellent moving services.

Customer Service

We have the customer service department to answer any and all questions you may have at any time prior to your move, during your move, and after your move. The Customer Service Department also offers constant logistical support to the movers during the move itself.


We are fully licensed, bonded and insured company by the Department of Transportation and the state of Massachusetts. We can also offer you optional insurance, should your special needs require additional insurance coverage. Ask your customer service representative for information about the coverage that is right for you.

Why The Ant?

When developing our corporate identity, Carmel Movers decided to take the Ant as our logo.

If you have ever watched a nature program featuring ants, you would know that they are incredibly reliable in transporting food and nesting materials. Often the distance they must cover is immense and the materials they move are much greater than their body weight. Yet working together, as if controlled by a single brain, a multitude of these industrious creatures will successfully and efficiently complete even the most difficult job.

We in the relocation industry have much to learn from our counterparts in nature, whose effectiveness has been carefully honed over countless centuries.

Our mission, at Carmel Movers, is to set the industry standard for professional, courteous service; knowledgeable, problem solving staff; and efficient, careful moving professionals. We will provide timely, reliable service and will stand behind every service commitment. Carmel Movers strives to anticipate all of our customers’ needs to exceed all of their expectations in order to provide the highest quality, most worry-free move in the industry. Vivo Moshe - Company CEO