Local Move Process

Moving into a new home is an exciting, but stressful time. Not only do you have to pack all of your belongings, but you have to hope they make it to the new living quarters in one piece. Then the battle of unpacking and setting everything up starts. Based on a recent survey by a moving company, 44% of respondents say they would rather go a week without Internet than move, while another 52% would choose visiting the dentist over moving, and 15% preferred getting a root canal. According to company spokesperson of the survey, 41% of respondents say packing is the most stressful part of moving. Throughout our years in business, Carmel Movers has developed a local movers process for expertly tackling moves small and large, with any level of complexity. Our combination of quality improvement, knowledge, efficiency, experience and a caring attitude. Carmel Movers takes this responsibility very seriously, skillfully handling every step of the moving process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Here’s how it works:

Every Moving Company tells their customers they have a “state of the art move process”

Other Movers Say ” We have the best movers”


Carmel Movers Local Move Process

1. Let’s start with our dispatch:

Every morning all of our Certified Movers arrive at 6:30 AM, and report to the dispatcher upon arrival. The movers see which truck they are assigned to and the team begins the daily check of the truck. This check involves checking for safety issues, doing an engine inspection to check the oil, and water levels and check the air pressure in the tires. After safety inspections are completed, the team will load the vehicle with the appropriate materials. Every truck is loaded with packing materials, dollies and the right equipment for your move. Also all trucks have an average of 120 blankets to protect your household goods (by the way you don’t get charged for the use of the blankets, yes it is free). The Crew Chief will receive final instructions from our dispatcher and go over the details of your move. The Crew Chief will meet with his team to review all final details to make sure he has all the right equipment to fulfill your move. After the review is complete, the Crew Chief will report to our dispatcher and start to drive to your Home.

2. Our team arrives at your home:

Our Crew Chief will introduce the entire team to you. After the brief introduction, the team will begin to work. While the team is working, the crew chief will go over the Bill of lading, and will go over any special instructions you may feel our team needs regarding the move of your household items. This process will take about 5 minutes. During this time our team has already started to load your boxes. When we are done with the boxes, the crew chief will brief the team with the instructions you gave him.

All your furniture will be wrapped with blankets to be protected from damages. All upholstered items will be protected with shrink wrap. All glass or marble will get crated based on your request. Your mattress and box spring will also be protected with shrink warp and blankets.

Did we tell you about our Truck Packer Person? Not yet? So we will now:

After we protect all household goods with blankets, it is time to pack them on to our truck. Most moving companies will just load your goods on a truck. At Carmel Movers, we hand your household goods to our Truck Packer Person (we call him TPP).

The Truck Packer Person is someone who has been specially trained and who has five plus years of moving experience. We have one TPP on each crew.

The job of the TPP is two things:

  • The TPP helps to remove all household goods from you home.
  • The TPP organizes your possessions on the truck to minimize damage and utilize all space available to pack your goods.

3. After Completion of loading:

The Crew Chief will do a final walk through with you. This walk through will go over all rooms in your home, to make shore things are completed to your satisfaction. The Crew Chief will go over destination information such as address and meeting time. If a crew has not had a lunch break, we suggest that the team takes one at this time. (Lunch breaks don’t come at noon time, and are deducted from your total cost).

At Destination:
The crew chief will walk room by room with you to find out where furniture is to be placed. All furniture is unloaded, unwrapped and re-assembled first. This minimizes timely changes to furniture at the end of your move. (If items need to be moved, please advise the crew chief immediately.) Once all furniture is in place, all boxes will be unloaded. This allows you to unpack quicker and more efficiently with all furniture in place. Carmel Movers removes all blankets, tape, and wrapping materials used during your move upon completion.

After Delivery:
The crew chief will do a final walk through, after furniture and boxes are delivered. This allows you to make any last minute changes. We will ask you to inspect our truck to make sure all of your items have been unloaded. At this time our crew chief will close with you the Bill of Lading.

Closing the Bill of Lading:
The bill of lading provides you with an invoice that the job has been completed. It is at this time that payment be made to the crew chief. The job is completed and we shake hands and thank you for your business